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This mid-range Roomba adds smarts and empties its own trash can

The new Roomba i3 Plus can empty its trash can.

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The new $ 600 Roomba i3 Plus from iRobot strikes an interesting balance between price and features. This robotic vacuum cleaner offers some of the The most advanced features of iRobot, like connectivity and automated container emptying, but at a lower price than the high-end models from iRobot.

The Roomba i3 Plus is at least partially compatible with the iRobot Genius Home Intelligence platform. The complete system combines a newly redesigned mobile application with voice control and sophisticated assignment and avoidance of traps. To take advantage of all of these features, you still have to spend a lot of money on both of them Roomba s9 Plus ($ 1

,100) or Roomba i7 Plus ($ 800).

The compromise

The Roomba i3 Plus offers recommended cleaning times (within the app) based on your cleaning history. The robot also creates a temporary map when cleaning. It uses this working floor plan to navigate systematically through spaces. It is certainly more efficient than randomly bumping around the room. The vacuum cleaner also connects to your home network via WiFi. You can control it through the app and with basic voice assistant commands.

Use basic voice commands to control Roomba i3 Plus.

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However, the Roomba i3 Plus cannot save the maps it creates for later use. A new one must be created each time it is cleaned. Therefore, this model lacks the detailed assignment functions of s9 and i7. For example, you cannot clean with the app or your voice in certain rooms or zones.

And since the Roomba i3 Plus doesn’t have a camera, it can’t see objects like chairs, sofas and tables. Robots that do this, especially the Roomba s9 and i7, should recognize problem areas as well as more targeted cleaning zones over time.

A closer look at the Roomba i3 Plus without the Clean Base Dock.

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Where can you buy it?

If, despite its limitations, you’re still interested in the $ 600 Roomba i3 Plus, you’re in luck. The model is available for sale today and is sold direct by iRobot in the US and Canada. It will also land at other retailers in September. iRobot expects global availability from the first quarter of 2021.

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