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This pen, which also functions as a phone, is either a brilliant idea – or completely stupid

At least on paper, pen phones seem to be a good idea; Why else would more than 2,000 people invest nearly $ 150,000 in Zanco smart crowdsourcing platforms?

The first time we came across the K07 servo, we thought it might be an outstanding example of ink perfection, marked by some clever smart technology for the discerning businessman. The truth is unfortunately very far from it.

Billed as "the cell phone that can be written", which in our opinion means that this is a phone that can write the K07 is the only real one Pen telephone in the market. In contrast to the Zanco this has a pen that works even without a battery, and a hard to believe price of 27 US dollars.

Breakthrough Technology

However, in order to reach this price, the corners have been shortened. It offers phone features, but only for 2G. To be honest, not a big problem, since the 201

7 Nokia 3310 was also a 2G device. Two SIM cards (yes, two) or one of them can be exchanged for a microSD card. This is an important extension as the K07 only has 32MB (yes, megabytes) of memory.

However, it also has Bluetooth capabilities as tiny physical keys that would require something sharp and sharp, such as a pencil. There is even a camera with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels, voice recording functions, a built-in FM radio and – surprise, surprise – a flashlight. Too bad that there is no laser pointer.

Best of all, it's available in three colors: red, black or silver. We are so fascinated by this spy pin that we requested a sample to quickly pick it up. Will it ever belong to our best smartphone or best business smartphone ? Stay tuned!

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