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This Porsche 411 concept reinterprets the classic 911 with autonomous driving and futuristic design

The hypercars are one of the most fascinating parts of writing about automotive design – it’s an imaginary drive into a future I’ve only seen in Jetsons so far (the 3D renderings are far superior to the 2D cartoons!). Designer Hussain Almossawi and Marin Myftiu reinterpreted the 911 Spyder for NCS Company, an Italian prototyping and development company, and named it 411.

The legendary 911 Spyder is something of an automotive unicorn that hasn̵

7;t been replicated. The designers call it exactly a dream animal. The 411 is a design project that aims to improve the design game for the Porsche hypercar by combining the best of its timeless elements from the 50s to 60s with the future. The headlights are aligned with the front wheels with a smoothly wound body to indicate the Porsche heritage. Striking design details such as no body along the front and the exposure of all air ducts play an active role in the vehicle’s performance. What sets the 411 apart from the existing hypercars is that it was designed with the goal of being a luxury highway cruiser. The driver should be able to enjoy the speed of 400 km / h (even if the rules allow it) off the runway when investing in a Porsche. The slim aerodynamic body with a The geometric approach gives the electric car the same muscle feeling as the real machine.

“The concept foresees a not too distant future in which some highways with the perfection of autonomous driving allow higher speed limits in this mode. By removing human error from the equation, you can safely travel at 200, 300, or even more than 400 km / h. This provides a viable alternative to air travel for business people and the like, as well as a real reason to boast about this exotic car. ” explained Almossawi, who used to design crazy concepts for Adidas. The concept is as interesting as the future for which it was developed – a world where the high speeds of a car are achievable on the go thanks to advanced technology and built-in inductive charging strips under the streets with inductive charging. It’s a concept, but not impossible, as automakers are working to make the electric batteries smaller, which would improve driving dynamics. Elon, if you’re reading this, can you tweet at Porsche and do a collaboration that can give us hope for the future?

Designer: Hussain Almossawi and Marin Myftiu for the NCS Company

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