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This ridiculous waffle maker happens when you dream of eating Lego

  Beautiful waffles

With the Building Brick Waffle Maker you can put together your own breakfast.

Waffle Wow

If you've ever stared at a Lego set and thought, "I wish that was edible," there is a waffle maker for you now.

The Building Brick Waffle Maker is not associated with the Lego company, but with the inspiration is obvious. The device produces three sizes of individual interlocking blocks from wafer dough. If you can stop eating each batch, you can make all sorts of structures out of waffles.

Breakfast is much more unusual.

Waffle Wow

Waffle Wow is currently collecting promises for the device on Kickstarter. The usual crowdfunding reservations apply: for example, not all products are delivered on time or as promised. The project started earlier this week and exceeded its original funding goal of $ 7,500 in just over a day.

The waffle maker will make a $ 50 commitment with an expected delivery in August. Waffle Wow is shipped to some countries outside the United States, but the device uses a typical American-style two-pin connector and may require an adapter and converter.

While edible Lego-like bricks can be a dream come true. People who like to play with their food also have an outstanding advantage over reality: they can step on them barefoot all day. Just try not to drop them after they have been syruped.

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