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Three comedy legends try to get to the moon

Tim and Fred?  Yes, Heidecker and Armisen are joining John C. Reilly on Moonbase 8.

Tim and Fred? Yes, Heidecker and Armisen join John C. Reilly Moon base 8.
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Come to the moon is not a joke. That is, unless you are a trio of stranded rabbits who live in the desert and try to prove NASA That you are worth the trip

That’s the setup for Moon base 8, a new series coming to Showtime on November 8th. In it are Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker and John C. Reilly than the unlikely astronauts trying to live and function on a simulated lunar base in the Arizona desert. We have seen this scenario before –Steve Carells Space forces recently did an episode about it– but rarely with this total embrace of comedic absurdity. Check out the trailer below.

Moon base 8 was created jointly by Heidecker and Jonathan Krisel, who have been working together for years all the Tim and Eric shows. Reilly and Armisen both appeared on these shows, so their inclusion here makes sense. The big difference, however, is that these shows always have a deliberately cheap and cheesy aesthetic, which they don’t Moon base 8. I’m very interested to see how much of this is weird Tim and Eric Humor will pass over in a much more brilliant production. But if a trio of comedic actors can do that, it is these three.

Moon base 8 lands on Showtime November 8th.

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