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Three Google phones stop at the FCC, probably Pixel 3 Light Line (updated) – Droid Life

The Pixel 3 Lite line, which expired in November of last year, months before Google agreed to confirm its existence, halted today at the FCC just as MWC began. There are a total of three devices, all of which are smartphones, but one has an unusual note that shows that a phone is locked in the US, but without the bands, it should work well here.

At today's FCC, we have three phones under model numbers G020C G020G and G020H . The first two (G020C and G020G) are likely to be Pixel 3 Lite (Leak) and Pixel 3 XL (Leak), which you can purchase in the US in the near future. The G020H could be an international unit with limited connectivity.

Why am I saying that? The LTE band support for G020C and G020G shows coverages of all major US carriers. They work with Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint. The G020H is missing some bands. Here are the tables that show:

  G020C-LTE Bands

Google G020C / G-LTE Bands

  G020H-LTE Bands

Google G020H LTE Bands

Beyond Google included a note with G020H to suggest it "does not support non-US channels in any mode of operation" and that "all non-US frequencies and country code selection are disabled by proprietary software that is not user-modified This actually reads as if it would work the US only . And most of the US carrier LTE bands are there, at least the big ones. There is a lack of CDMA support, which is probably fine, as Verizon does not use much CDMA at this point. It is very strange. Normally we only see a limited band support for phones at the FCC when it comes to international models, so I'm leaning that way instead of being a carrier-coupled Pixel 3 Lite.

UPDATE [19659010]: We now have more model numbers to track. Google cell phones under the model numbers G020B G020D and G020F all meet the FCC when I prepared this post. The G020B phone can be used anywhere with the right LTE support, while G020D and G020F both contain the comment of G020H stating that they do not support channels and frequencies outside the US.

There is not much to learn outside of this. Bluetooth and NFC are available as well as 802.11ac WiFi. Because they're Google phones, we expect them to just work everywhere.

What is really important to us are release details such as pricing and availability. When they are at the FCC, it can not be long before we hear something official. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were brought to the FCC by the end of August 2018, before being announced a month later.

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