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TikTok files a new complaint about a trade ban with the federal court

TikTok be accepted

TikTok does not accept its September 20th “ban” without a fight.
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Even though the clock is ticking, sorry for the pun, TikTok won’t go down without a fight.

Per Bloomberg and Reuters, the video sharing app and its Chinese parent company Bytedance, filed a complaint in federal court in Washington on Friday aim to block the Trump administration impending ban, which is to come into force on September 20th. T.he forbids announced by the Commercial department earlier that day, prevents new downloads or updates of the app in the USA from Sunday However, users can still access the app until November 12th if they downloaded it before September 20th.

The Trump administration said TikTok has until November 12 to address national security concerns about the app. In conclusion, the government believes that Chinese intelligence agencies could instruct TikTok to hand over US user data, a claim the app strongly opposes. If these concerns are addressed, the bans could be lifted.

In the complaint, Bloomberg reported, TikTok allegedly alleged that the US president Donald Trump has exceeded his authority with the ban and enacted it for political reasons, rather than stopping an “unusual and extraordinary threat”” in the USA The complaint is also reportedly alleging that the ban violates TikTok’s freedom of speech, according to Bloomberg.

TikTok also apparently claims to have offered alternatives – perhaps an indication of its ongoing Negotiations with Oracle– The President’s ban on addressing US security concerns only for the Commerce Department to mandate “TikTok be destroyed in the United States.”

Maybe it’s just me folks, but all the end of the world language and antics that we see Epic, Apple and TikTok only recall me from Netflix dramas. Do not get me wrong; It’s one of my favorite genres. I’m just not used to seeing them in real life.

Gizmodo reached out to TikTok to request a copy of the complaint, but the company hadn’t provided a copy at the time of publication. However, TikTok has included its comment on the administration’s decision to ban the app.

In its statement, TikTok stated that it was committed to protecting the privacy and security of its 100 million US users.

“In our proposal to the US government, we are already committed to an unprecedented level of additional transparency and accountability that goes well beyond what other apps are ready to do, including third-party audits, code security checks, and US data surveillance by the US government security “, a TikTok spokesperson said. “In addition, an American technology provider would be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the TikTok network in the USA, which includes all services and data for US consumers.”

The company added that it would continue to challenge the “unfair executive order” which it claims was passed without due process and threatens to “provide the American people and small businesses with a vital platform for voice and livelihood.” to rob “.

The complaint is the latest in the Trump-TikTok-China drama that has raged the internet for the past few weeks. Ironically, preventing users from downloading TikTok app updates likely creates a bigger mess than what is supposedly prevented (unconfirmed potential) Chinese espionage).

How? How Gizmodo reportedAfter the ban is in place, TikTok developers can no longer fix known security vulnerabilities, so essentially any hacker large and small can target Americans user. Honestly, after all of that, there was only one sentence: Well, shit.

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