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TikTok Takes Care of Children's Privacy – TechCrunch

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. 1 In the FTC ruling, Musical.ly (TikTok) is fined US $ 5.7 million for violations of children's privacy laws. App Updated with Age Gate

An app update released yesterday requires all users to check their age, and under-13s will then be directed to a separate, more limited in-app experience that protects and prevents their personal information. that videos are published on TikTok .

And if you're confused about Musical.ly versus TikTok: The Federal Trade Commission had already begun to investigate TikTok when it was known as Musical.ly, and the verdict itself is an agreement with Musical .ly.

. 2 How Disney Made Star Wars, in Real Life

For the past five years, Walt Disney Imagineering has worked hard to make the world of Star Wars a reality on Earth. Matthew Panzarino has all the details with many tantalizing images.

. 3 Amazon Prime members can choose a weekly delivery date by launching Amazon Day

. With this option, buyers can select a day of the week to receive the last orders. The boxes will then arrive in fewer boxes together on the selected Amazon Day.

4. Zūm, a children's ride-sharing service, is raising $ 40 million

Zūm is a mobile app that allows parents to plan rides with fully-tested drivers for their children. It also works with school districts to support their transportation needs.

. 5 Dow Jones – Watchlist of 2.4 million high-risk individuals has leaked

The data that has been secured is the financial giant's watchlist database, which companies use as part of their risk and compliance efforts.

. 6 SoftBank's Vision Fund Spends US $ 1.5 Billion on Chinese Used Car Startup Chehaoduo

The Beijing-based company has two main locations – the second-hand Guazi peer-to-peer online marketplace and Maodou, the new Sedans via direct sales and direct sales offers finance leases.

. 7 Netflix could lose $ 192 million a month from piracy, claims a study that cuts the cable

. Today, one out of every five people in the world accounts for streaming videos from Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video, according to a new study by CordCutting.com. Of these, Netflix is ​​being stolen for the longest time.

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