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TikTok users over 13 are having their accounts deleted after putting in the wrong birthdays

Some TikTok users have their accounts and videos deleted without warning after they have received a birthdate that would make them younger than 13, following a children's privacy law.

TikTok is prompting users to come up with the Children's Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, which dictates that apps and websites get parental Approval for users under 13. Typically, the social media companies and web services tend to make the same. Some companies like Facebook have developed separate kid-friendly apps, such as Messenger Kids, to stay complaint.

The new policy, which went into effect yesterday, deleted accounts and videos for younger than 1

3, as well as users who mistakenly entered the wrong birthday. TikTok has been issuing solutions on Twitter for those who have deleted their accounts. One tweet recommends users upload a copy of their government ID to prove their age, while another tweet directs users to describe their problem in the 'Add to Email' section of the app.

Users who have received a response from TikTok have left an email with a text attachment containing video links. The email recommends users "copy all the video links to the download", or "install another media player". YouTuber Living with Perks, who had her daughter deleted, recommends downloading a Chrome extension to recover the video files. It remains unclear whether accounts or followers can be recovered once deleted.

TikTok is now directing users under 13 to a "younger ecosystem" within the app. That version of TikTok limits much of the features found in the full app, namely through prohibiting the uploading if videos and commenting on posts. Minors wants to be quiet to watch videos, a selection that's curated for younger audiences.

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