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%% title %% Angry users request Coinbase Boycott with #DeleteCoinbase

Angry crypto-currency enthusiasts are campaigning for a boycott of the tribe Coinbase .

Users have called social media with the # DeleteCoinbase hashtag and asked others to delete their accounts after a series of mishaps by the US-based company.

It comes to Coinbase, founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in June 201

2, and proudly announced the acquisition of Neutrino, an Italian startup that used public blockchain data to track cryptocurrency transactions.

Coinbase said startup technology, which could track illegal activity, would help make cryptocurrency "safer and more accessible" to people around the world.

There was a turnaround when some prominent industry analysts, including Arjun Balaji commented on the fact that many of Neutrino's team members were also the former leaders of Hacking Team, a specialist Italian trader known for it To sell burglary and surveillance functions to oppressive regimes around the world. These were used to monitor journalists, political dissidents and activists, including the United Arab Emirates human rights activist, Ahmed Mansoor.

Although the takeover of Neutrino seems to be the straw that has turned its back on the camel, other events have taken place, apparently annoying Coinbase users.

In early February, many users were confused after the VC-backed company had made a variety of product announcements. This included bitcoin support for his wallet, which is different from Coinbase.com. The former is a stand-alone app that allows users to store their own crypto currency accounts backed up by a private key known only to the user. Coinbase.com, on the other hand, allows consumers to buy cryptocurrencies that Coinbase stores along with users' private keys.

Soon after, Coinbase encouraged users to secure an encrypted version of their private Coinbase Wallet keys to their personal storage accounts, either through iCloud or Google Drive. However, it did not take long for many parishioners to point out that this was a bad idea .

All in all, Coinbase has been a seemingly difficult undertaking in recent weeks when something happens in recent social media activities. However, it is not really known how many people have disabled or deleted their accounts.

It should also be noted that outraged users are not in social media for the first time to delete an app after a scandal.

Facebook got involved in something similar to Cambridge Analytica's well-documented data fiasco, which saw the # DeleteFacebook hashtag in its immediate wake.

Published February 28, 2019 – 10:38 UTC

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