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To have a look at Question Time: The Leaders Special online for free in the UK or abroad

We saw Boris Johnson and his opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn compete in a live debate. The leaders have outlined their manifestos and submitted their Brexit plans, and now we are facing the public. Do you want to see it go down? Read on to find out how to watch Question Time "The Leader Special" online.

Question Time "The Leaders Special" – When is it?

This special issue of Question Time will air on BBC One on Friday, 22 November at 19:00 CET.

If you happen to be on vacation while it's live broadcasting, scroll down to see if you can still capture the political coverage while it's happening.

For those unfamiliar with the Question Time Platform, it is a podium performance in which politicians are in hot pursuit, facing in-depth questioning and questioning by a live audience, and are forced to discuss the big issues to think about today. And you should take a look at the Question Hour: The ladder special, as the name implies, is a key episode to catch.

In preparation for the upcoming elections, it is not just current Prime Minister Boris Johnson who feels like heat. Workers' Movement Jeremy Corbyn, Scottish Nationalist Party Chairman Nicola Sturgeon, and recently appointed Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swindon, are all on stage to fight for their vote.

Journalist Fiona Bruce will moderate the show that will take place In Sheffield, each chairperson will be given a 30-minute question from the live audience, where they will receive questions and answers for two hours, so you can decide where to put your vote should go.

Expected topics are likely to be the upcoming Brexit, the current state and funding of the NHS, housing and the economy. If all four parties present their manifestos in the past week, many issues will probably emerge ̵

1; let's hope they have done their homework!

Are you ready to watch Question Time: The Leaders Special online? Below you will find all the important information for free viewing in the UK. Out of the country when it airs? Do not worry, there is also a solution for you. Read on to find out more.

Watch Free Online Question Time in the UK:

Fortunately, the Leaders Special can air in the UK for free on Friday, November 22 at 7pm on BBC One. And if you're not there at the time or just missed the coverage, you can also watch them on BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer not only rescues those who missed the action, but also allows those who want to stream from their phone, tablet or other device.

If you want a different live streaming option, there is free TVPlayer.com, which offers both high-quality streaming and the rest of the Freeview channels on a simple platform.

Stream Question Time: The world's leading figures around the world for free:

If you happen to be living abroad or on vacation, when question time runs, you will find that trying to access BBC will provide you with one Geoblock hits – frustrating, but not the end of the world thanks to VPNs.

By setting up a VPN and using the TVPlayer.com platform mentioned above, you can change your IP address and still catch the question time when it's happening live in the UK.

A VPN is very easy to use and effectively allows you to change your IP address for one in the other country and watch as if you were back in the UK 4] Get a VPN and look from abroad is as easy as 1-2-3 …

1. Download and install VPN
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. 2 Connect to the appropriate server location
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. 3 Go to a streaming service of your choice
Whether you're looking to watch ITV Hub (or Apps), TVPlayer.com, or YouTube, once you've reconnected to a British server, you should be able to To pursue debate online as if you were back in Blighty!

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