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Toilet paper drone delivery for San Francisco man protecting on the spot

Just say hypothetically that you ran out of toilet paper. Let us imagine for a moment that due to wild circumstances – perhaps a pandemic – you were forced to seek protection in your home in San Francisco. And to make things even better, the stores ran out of toilet paper for … reasons?

Well then, you could be an Ian Chan who received a role while staying in San Francisco using toilet paper on drones. Chan shared a video of the soaring maneuver on Twitter on Wednesday, explaining the circumstances to potentially confused viewers.

"If you need that, but Amazon isn't there and you shouldn't be leaving your house; Tech San Francisco doesn't fail," he wrote . "Thank you @chenosaurus for the quick delivery through the city ̵

1; I owe you a [.]"

The report he thanked @chenosaurus appears to belong to David Chen. Chen's biography partially describes him as an "aspiring drone racing pilot". Perhaps just as important, he is also listed as head of research and development at Skycatch – a company that offers "a user-friendly aerial intelligence platform for companies for the most powerful acquisition, process and measurement instruments in the industry".

In other words, Chen appears to be quite familiar with drones.

We met Chan via a direct Twitter message with a number of questions about his TP delivery, but unfortunately we didn't get an answer. Perhaps he was too busy enjoying the prey of his score? Or alternatively, he tells Chen what else he wants to deliver.

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In both cases, San Francisco's protection mandate should not end until April 7th. At the earliest we imagine that the two will have enough time to find out.

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