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Tom Cruise still does his own stunts

58-year-old actor Tom Cruise is back. In each of his films, he always has to find a way to assert himself in the stunts department. Before the new film Mission Impossible 7, the big stunt was shown. How did he raise the Tom Cruise level of this new movie? It’s not attached to a building, helicopter, cargo plane, or HALO jump. This time he drives his motorcycle off a huge ramp off a huge cliff. Yes, he has a parachute, but still.

Whatever he’s done to sell his soul to L. Ron is paying off for this guy in spades. Not only is he still a massive movie phenomenon, but he looks great at almost 60 and has all the courage in the world to do these crazy stunts. I’ve done a lot of stupid things to look cool, but I wouldn̵

7;t have made this leap even in my devilish teenagers. No way, not how.

I don’t really care about Tom Cruise as a person. I hope he stays happy and healthy, but beyond that I don’t really care. But Tom Cruise’s acting career has been amazing. He’s got Top Gun out soon, which is going to be great, and all of the Mission Impossible films – yes, even the John Woo film with all the pigeons and a motorcycle fight – were so great to watch. Definitely looking forward to the next one and to see it get this hard on the first day of filming is the confirmation I needed that this is going to be a ripper of a movie.

Here is a distant video of the stunt showing a fighter helicopter and drone in front of it. I think I would be more afraid of being hit by the helicopter than the parachute. I don’t know, the whole situation seems really sketchy which is great, but I won’t be doing this again anytime soon. Take a look at this Entertainment tonight Canada talking heads go monkeys over Tom’s latest stunt. Or mute it and just watch the stunt for yourself. It could be better that way.

I don’t know the context of this huge jump in height, but I look forward to seeing it play in theaters. Just kidding, theaters still won’t be a safe place as of November 2021. However, I will be watching the hell from a streaming service from the safety of my own home.

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