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Top 10 most wanted home arcade cabinets

The days of gambling halls in every city crowded with the latest games are long gone, but in recent years, new home gambling units have emerged as an alternative. With these systems from brands like Arcade1Up and RepliCade, you can build the arcade experience you remembered as a kid – or you've never seen before. So far, we've seen popular games like Street Fighter II Mortal Kombat Pac-Man Galaga and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles getting their own closets, and that too a fraction of the cost of the original machines.

But there are still a lot of different arcade games that have not made the leap to a home arcade machine, and we are not so patiently waiting for them to be announced so that we can fill our space and customize our own Arcade can create. These are our 1

0 most wanted home arcade cabinets, from the almost guaranteed machines to the long shots.

Smash TV

Eugene Jarvis created the twin-stick shooter with Robotron: 2084 in the early '80s, and in 1990 he and Williams' team approached perfecting with Smash TV . In this futuristic game show, reminiscent of The Running Man you take on the role of a candidate who has to kill and destroy waves of enemies from all directions to win silly prizes like a toaster or a new VCR , With two joysticks, Smash TV would not fit in a traditional cabinet and therefore would have to be the star of the show – it's an underrated gem that could occur alongside Robotron: 2084 and the Eugene Jarvis Game Total Carnage .

Killer Instinct

Ccc Combo Breaker! One of the most famous fighting games of all time, Killer Instinct is available for everything from Super Nintendo to Xbox One, but there's nothing better than playing the arcade version with another person right by your side. ready to hug you when you've achieved an overwhelming victory. His characters include classics such as Sabrewulf, T.J. Combo, Cinder and Riptor, all waiting to make long hits that end up embarrassed and ashamed of their opponents. Of course we would like to see this game with its sequel Killer Instinct 2 and the updated version originally released for Xbox One and PC.

Donkey Kong

This is an absolute dream, because Nintendo protects its franchisees notoriously and publishes them outside its own systems. However, the original Donkey Kong remains one of the most popular arcade games ever. It not only introduced us to the title character, but also to Mario, who was known as "Jumpman" at that time. His simple vertical gameplay was surprisingly difficult as Donkey Kong threw dangers across a series of ramps that needed to be careful while the player climbed up. Obvious inclusions in this cabinet are Donkey Kong Jr. who put the shoe on the other's foot as well as Donkey Kong 3.

House of the Dead

The Dead (19459006), a classic arcade shooter with a physical controller, is one of the greatest and most exciting light gun games ever. The simple gameplay is played on rails and is so simple that anyone can record it in no time and start breaking apart zombies. However, the intensity and number of villains also means that you must be highly qualified to win. The main difficulty in making a home version would be the price – the controllers are not cheap – but it would become the centerpiece of any game room and a hit with friends throwing a party. Take a few sequels and you have an indispensable machine.


One of the most memorable games for the NES, the Original Contra actually debuted as an Arcade Cabinet, in which the Beefier hardware meant it looked even better than the home console version. These great images were better replicated with later titles such as Contra III: The Alien Wars but it would be a thrill to stand at a machine and play the game that started it all. Do not accidentally break your closet if you die for the millionth time. The sequel Super Contra would be a logical inclusion, and two players could band together to defeat the ridiculous number of opponents standing in their way.


A classic vertical shooter of almost two decades ago, Ikaruga has managed to remain relevant by performing in all areas from Dreamcast to Nintendo Switch. Its bullet-hell style is hectic and incredibly rewarding, and you can see a significant impact from its design in the shoot-up segments of Nier: Automata . The impressive soundtrack, the clever hostile designs and the stunning graphics continue all these years and it is exhausting to be introduced to even more players with their own Cabinet. Its predecessor Radiant Silvergun could provide a change.

Dance Dance Revolution

Want to play an arcade game in your own home and do you want to look like a jerk? while you do it? Just like us, and that's why we need a Dance Dance Revolution home arcade cabinet. This cabinet would need to contain a relatively large number of danceable tunes and a dance mat so you can gain the original DDR experience. This case would take up a bit more space than a conventional device and might even have a larger screen as the players would stand there, but you could experience all the fun of the original arcade version without the embarrassment.


From downtown … right into your game room? NBA Jam distilled the basketball game down to its most basic elements in a two-on-two arcade game. You did not have to know all the rules to play, but you had to shoot fast and defend well if you ever wanted your team to go up in flames. It remains one of the best games of the 90s because of its disrespectful interpretation of the sport and its snapshot of the NBA talent's golden era, even though Michael Jordan was absent. Perhaps this could be justified in a republishing of home arcades, but we do not want Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant to feel undetected, which is ideal for almost all arcade games. We say almost everything because racing games are naturally best experienced sitting down. Sega's Out Run is one of the best known. With a built-in road bike, accelerator and brakes it would probably be a more expensive case, but the experience of playing a racing arcade game in the right way from home would definitely make it worthwhile. The beautiful, sunny graphics and the bumpy soundtrack will keep you entertained for hours.


Most arcade cabinets from Arcade1Up and other companies require a few different games to feel worthy of value, but Tron could break that mold. It offers various types of gameplay, including action, shooting and racing, and delivers the spirit of classic science-fiction film with the limited technology available at that time. Few other single arcade games have been able to offer so much variety, and it's adorable how rudimentary everything looks, just like the vector graphics arcade versions of Star Wars that were already shot in a cupboard. All it takes is a big picture of Jeff Bridges on the side to really make the look perfect.

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