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Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy an Instant Pot, Tips & Recipes


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You toyed with the idea of ​​getting one Instant pot for ages. This guide will list all of the reasons why you should finally take the plunge and buy one of these electronic multicookers.

From slow cooked meals to baking cakes and desserts, there are so many reasons to love the Instant Pot. Here are the top reasons its popularity rose to iconic status ̵

1; and why you should consider owning one, too.

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1. It’s not just a pressure cooker

First of all, an Instant Pot isn’t just an electric pressure cooker. As a real multi-cooker, it burns, browns and fries the food like a pan on the stove. It also steams delicate items like fish, eggs, and vegetables. Instant pots serve as stand-alone electric pots Rice cooker also.

You can use them to baking bread, Cakes and other sweets like pudding, flan, even cheesecake. Many Instant Pot models have special yogurt modes. And yes, they work as a slow cooker, also.

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Instant pots can also gently steam delicate items such as eggs.

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2. You can prepare elaborate meals in less than an hour

The Instant Pot hits food with a double blow of high pressure and heat. The result: things that normally take the whole day to cook can be done in hours. We are talking about hard cuts of meat like pork ribs, beef brisket and pork shoulder. The same applies to soups and stews as well as beans and cereals. Normally, they would have to simmer for ages. Not so in the Instant Pot, which speeds up normal cooking times by a factor of 3.

The Instant Pot has many built-in safety features.

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3. It’s super safe

The Instant Pot is not an edgy, old school manual pressure cooker. It has a lot on board Safety devices made possible by electronics. A large number of sensors help, for example, to regulate the internal pressure and temperature itself. Their purpose is to ensure that the Instant Pot is operating within the preset safety limits.

Sensors also detect whether the lid is locked or not. And if the lid is not clamped, the Instant Pot will not take any pressure. As soon as the inside of the cooker is pressurized, the lid automatically locks into place.

Take into account the numerous pre-programmed settings tailored to the type of food being prepared. All of this makes Instant Pots light years ahead of their old pressure cooker counterparts in terms of safety. Of course you still have to Operate your device properly and with care.

You can cook so many things in one instant pot, from whole chickens to desserts.

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4. There are so many recipes

The internet has gone wild for the Instant Pot, with tons of personal blogs, cooking websites, and Facebook groups devoted to the topic. Together they also create a rich and steady range of recipes. From tacos to Italian beef sandwiches to Korean-style ribs and popcorn, someone has probably tried it. There’s even a recipe for making wine in your instant pot.

Here is a list of recipes Every Instant Pot owner should know and CNET’s favorite Instant Pot recipes.

Most parts of the Instant Pot are dishwasher safe.

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5. Easy cleaning

Probably the best quality Instant Pot is next to the quick cooking times its easy cleanup. First of all, there is only one pot to worry about. Second, as long as you know the correct methods, the inner pot is painless to hand wash. In addition, the pot and the various parts of the stove are dishwasher safe.

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