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Top Stories: Apple Fixes iOS Multitasking Errors, Office Mobile, Photoshop for iPad, & # 39; iPhone SE 2 & # 39; and more

The calendar has moved to November, which means that sales are starting to fall on Friday black and the Apple News pipeline is slowly slowing down, although we are still waiting for the launch of the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR year-end.

This week's biggest reports included troubleshooting multitasking issues on iOS, new high-profile app launches by Microsoft and Adobe, and a few more rumors about the so-called "iPhone SE 2," which are expected early next year.

Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 13.2.2 with Background Update Troubleshooting

Last week, we noted increasing complaints from iOS users about multitasking issues where lack of RAM management apparently led to apps were closed in the background prematurely. While there had been some sporadic reports of the problem in previous versions of iOS 1

3, they appeared to be particularly bad in the recently released version of iOS 13.2.

Apple released the first beta version of iOS 13.3 this week, apparently fixing the issue. Subsequently, the company released iOS 13.2.2 to solve the problems immediately for all.

The beta release of iOS 13.3 released this week includes a number of other changes, including new screen-time communication restrictions that allow you to control who can talk to your kids about when using their phone, FaceTime, and messages.

Microsoft Introduces Unified Office App for iOS and Android

Microsoft released a beta version of a new Office Mobile app for iOS and Android this week that combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a single app. The app offers some new features and makes it easier to work with different document types.

Outlook users also received some news this week: The new Play My E-Mail feature for the iOS version of Outlook uses AI to intelligently summarize and read incoming e-mails while impacting Analyzing Your Daily Schedule The upcoming revision of Outlook for Mac will bring some design changes and feature improvements.

Adobe launches Photoshop for iPad

Adobe introduced Photoshop for iPad just over a year after the company announced it would bring its flagship graphics editor to Apple's tablet platform. Photoshop for iPad is optimized for Touch and Mobile, but users of the desktop version will be notified immediately.

Adobe released a few more Apple-related announcements at MAX this week, including the announcement to bring Illustrator to the iPad next year and release some Creative Cloud updates for its desktop apps.

Kuo: Apple is expected to sell at least 20 million iPhone SE 2 models by 2020, early next year as the enhanced version of the iPhone 8 with Apple's latest A13 chip and more will hit the market.

Kuo estimates that by 2020, Apple will sell at least 20 million "iPhone SE 2" units with a probability of 30 million units. Earlier rumors suggest that the device could be sold for $ 399, which is a great upgrade for both budget-conscious customers and emerging market customers where Apple's latest flagships are unattainable.

When could Apple launch a Mac-based Mac?

We've heard for years that Apple may be planning to stop using Intel chips in its Macs and instead use arm-based chips similar to those in its iOS devices.

The move to arm-based chips would bring Apple's Mac processor design to its own production and probably lead to more efficient chips, as arm designs have significantly closed the performance gap in x86 chips like Intel's, while ensuring efficient power consumption ,

We've put together a guide that explains the differences between arm and Intel x86 chips, why Apple may be looking for a changeover, and when this might happen.

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