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Toyota invests $ 50 million in autonomous shuttle startup May Mobility – TechCrunch

May Mobility, a Michigan-based startup that operates autonomous shuttle services in three US cities, has in a Toyota Motor Corp. Series B Round Up $ 50 Million Collected One year after the $ 22 million in May, Mobility is being used to expand all divisions, including the AV Shuttle fleet, as well as engineering and operations personnel.

25 autonomous, low-speed shuttles will be available in May Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan and Providence, Rhode Island ̵

1; the three cities in which the company operates. The startup wants to build up to 25 vehicles per city, said co-founder and COO Alisyn Malek TechCrunch. This fleet size improves the economic image for the startup and gradually affects the transportation in this city. The startup, which started in 2017, has also won a customer. Toyota has selected May Mobility as one of its "autonomous driving companies for future open platforms".

Toyota and May Mobility have not stated what this partnership will lead to. But it's likely to combine the startup's autonomous vehicle technology with the Toyota e-pallet, a platform that the automaker unveiled in 2018 at CES, the annual technology show in Las Vegas.

The e-pallet was presented as a concept vehicle. But basically, it's a platform that fits Toyota's vision of a mobility ecosystem that moves from a company that only makes and sells cars to one that covers all aspects of the movement of people and things from point A to point B. ,

The E-palette is designed for flexibility. The platform, which will theoretically be equipped with autonomous vehicle technology, could be used as a shuttle, to deliver packages to customers or even as a mobile store.

May Mobility will work with Toyota to identify market opportunities, Malek said The company will also be one of the automaker's key co-development partners to bring these platforms to market.

Support that, "said Malek.

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