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Toyota's E-Volution continues with 2021 Mirai and 2021 RAV4 plug-ins

At an event at Greensboro, North Carolina's Proximity Hotel, Toyota introduced the second generation Mirai electric vehicle (FCEV) in 2021. Toyota also took the opportunity to display images of the 2021 RAV4 plug-in hybrid and introduce an extended 10-year limited warranty of 150,000 miles for the 2020 model year for hybrid, plug-in and fuel cell electric vehicles.

Toyota hosted a so-called E-Volution Media Drive at the Greensboro site, as the Proximity Hotel was the first LEED Platinum-certified hotel. The LEED Platinum certification is the highest level of recognition for the design and sustainability of the entire building.

Toyota executives gave an overview of the company's alternative fuel vehicles since the launch of the original Prius hybrid in 1

997. Doug Murtha, Group Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Planning for Toyota Motor North America, said that Toyota up 2025 would have at least one electrified version of each model sold in the US. Murtha smiled and said: "One of three things is going to happen: they will be electrified, maybe they will be converted into unibody designs and electrified, or, at the urging of Digital Trends, whether the statement of 2025 includes the 4Runner, Sequoia and Land they will be gone. "

Given its reputation for longevity and reliability as well as the cult status of Land Cruiser and 4Runner, hopefully Toyota is planning to find a way to electrify the long-lasting truck vehicle.

Media visitors had the opportunity to drive most of Toyota's current range of alternative fuels, including the Mirai FCEV 2019, on various routes in Greensboro's urban and rural areas. Unfortunately, we could not drive the plug-in hybrid 2021 Mirai or 2021 RAV4, both of which will be available in late 2020.

2021 Mirai

When Jackie Birdsall, senior, arrived in the Greensboro area, there was noticeable excitement. The engineer in the fuel cell development department of Toyota Motor North America pulled off the cover of the Mirai 2021. With the cover removed, all smiled and all eyes shone on the paint of the FCEV.

The 2021 Mirai FCEV is a 5-passenger rear-wheel drive (RWD) with a new, shimmering blue multi-layer paint) premium saloon that looks like a coupe. The original (and current) Mirai is a front-wheel drive vehicle that is sold only in California. So it was a pleasure to drive him to North Carolina.

Fuel cell vehicles store compressed hydrogen. The hydrogen is combined with oxygen to generate electricity stored in on-board batteries. FCEVs do not need to be connected to charge the batteries. When drivers stop at hydrogen refueling stations, which are currently only in California and Hawaii in the US, it takes about five minutes to fill the tank. The only emission released with FCEVs is water.

Toyota has not published any performance or range specifications, other than to set a target for a range increase of 30% over 2019 Mirai's current range of approximately 312 miles.

"We've been trying to develop a car that makes customers feel like they're constantly driving, a car with an emotional and attractive design and a dynamic and responsive driving style that puts a smile on the driver's face "Said Yoshikazu Tanaka, chief engineer of the Mirai. "I want customers to say, 'I chose the Mirai, not because it's an FCEV, but because I really wanted that car, and it happens to be an FCEV. & # 39;

Toyota did not disclose the list price for the 2021 Mirai, except that the cost is likely to be in the same mid to upper price range of the premium vehicle of $ 50,000 as the current Mirai. Toyota gave little information to journalists about the 2021 RAV4 plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV), except to announce a new color: Supersonic Red. Toyota executives also pledged that the RAV4 plug-in "will deliver through its spirited acceleration, its nimble handling and impeccable style is celebrated 'zero to 60' as the conventionally-powered RAV4s. The RAV4 plug-in hybrid 2021 will continue to focus on performance.

The RAV4 plug-in will be officially unveiled on November 20, 2019 at the Los Angeles Auto Show in the South Hall at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Toyota 2020 Battery Warranty

Toyota's current hybrid battery warranty covers the battery for 100,000 miles or eight years from first use. Starting with model year 2020 hybrid, plug-in and fuel cell electric vehicles, Toyota will extend the battery warranty from 10 years of first use to 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. Other hybrid components continue with coverage of eight years and a range of 100,000 miles. The warranty applies to the first owner and all subsequent owners.

Toyota has decided to extend battery-life-based performance and durability, as well as reassuring skeptical or insecure buyers of new or used alternative energy vehicles.

"Introducing Toyota It's the world's first hybrid vehicle more than 20 years ago, but people are still reluctant to own a hybrid vehicle," said Heather Updegraff, general manager of Toyota Vehicle Marketing & Communications. "Our goal is to minimize this problem. This new hybrid battery warranty extension is just another way to lead the industry and put our customers first. "

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