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Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell Mirai gets a new, luxurious look

The car looks stunning and the automaker is aiming for a 30% range increase as the powertrain has been further developed and larger capacity hydrogen storage tanks used. Toyota just hopes that it can sell this car in more places than the current natives of California and Oahu Island (these are the only places with hydrogen stations).

During a presentation earlier this week in North Carolina, the automaker was closed on most actual technical specifications of the upcoming 2021

Mirai, except that the car will drive behind-the-wheel, quieter and "more dedicated" behind the wheel. We have to wait for the EPA's actual range figures, but if Toyota can increase its range by 30 percent, the vehicle should stay on the road about 400 miles between refueling. Important for a vehicle with limited gas stations.

The latest Mirai should be in the showrooms by the end of 2020. He will join a growing number of electrified Toyota vehicles. Last year, we saw that the Carolla and Rav4 batteries got pushed into their frames for more miles per gallon.

What we have not seen from the automaker is a roadmap for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) for the United States. The automaker has plans for BEVs in China to start next year, but is not quite sure when a battery electric motor will reach the US coast. Sticking to hybrids (including the best-selling Prius) makes sense for the company that made the powertrain popular.

Toyota BEVs arrive in the USA. We just do not know when and instead the automaker will continue to rely on a hydrogen fuel infrastructure that can not keep up with its growth. "I will not deny that we had some frustration with the expansion," said Doug Murtha, vice president of corporate strategy and planning. But the company continues to see fuel cells as the future and Murtha said he hopes they will see more grid stability and more stations before the launch of the new Mirai.

But it does not put all hopes on just one powertrain. The company announced its plan to produce an electrified version of each car in its range by 2025.

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<p>  This implies that customers have a wide range of electric vehicles to suit their needs. </p>
<p>  Hy fuel cell vehicles are great, they use a chemical reaction to drive an electric motor instead of relying on a B left atter. Besides, they only give off water. They are gentle, quiet and give you the warm feeling of not driving a vehicle that is not directly powered by fossil fuels. In addition, this new vehicle looks fantastic. </p>
<p>  What the Mirai 2021 may lack at gas stations, he makes up for in the design almost. The wider, longer and shorter Mirai is, in my opinion, the best looking Toyota sedan. At the start, even optional 20-inch wheels will be available. </p>
<p>  The interior of the vehicle should have a sophisticated layout with a 12.3-inch infotainment display and rear-view mirror camera. Unfortunately we only saw pictures. The vehicle shown had darkened windows and was probably a grenade. But it's Toyota, and I have little doubt that I can deliver on time and with the targeted range increase. </p>
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