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Toys & # 39; R & # 39; Us opens first new store with a bizarre catch

Toys "R" Us has reopened its doors and opened the first of two new stores for the Christmas season after closed 800 of them last year. You may think, great, it's time to become a Toys "R" Us child but I would think like an adult for a bit longer. Something different about these new stores.

The first new Toys "R" Us store opened on November 30 at the Garden State Plaza shopping center in Paramus, New Jersey. The 6,000-square-foot space is designed for adventure-oriented gaming and features spaces dedicated to popular toys and brands such as Lego, Nerf, Paw Patrol and LOL Surprise. Children can test toys before they buy it. If it is not available in the store, there are several interactive screens in the store where you can make online purchases on the Toys "R" Us website .

But here it gets strange: Toy "R" We do not really seem to own what it sells. Instead, the former toy giant has evolved into a marketplace that leases space to various brands where they can promote and sell their own goods. That's not all: The Toys "R" Us website is powered by Target. Every single toy and product we clicked on the website contained a link to buy the toy through Target. As far as we can tell, Toys "R" Us does not sell anything technically.

There is also a small detail in a NBC review in the b8ta, which partnered with Tru Kids to create the new Toys "R" Us store, with dozens of sensors on the ceiling of the Business has installed to "monitor the buyers' traffic patterns and cadence" (which means "votes") to see where the kids are going and what brands they are more attracted to. That's right: Toys "R" Us monitors where children go and what they say to produce data for brands.

All this after Toys "R" Us closed 800 stores across the country last year after private equity firms saddled the multi-million dollar company after a buyout. The company filed for bankruptcy and auctioned much of its assets . Approximately 30,000 former employees were dismissed in the summer of 2018 without compensation or social benefits. Ultimately, they received a $ 20 million settlement after filing a lawsuit. The new store in New Jersey hosted recruitment events for former employees of Toys "R" Us before it was opened to the general public.

The second Toys "R" Us is due to open on December 7 at the Galleria in Houston, Texas. It will also include sensors that monitor the behavior of children in the business. NBC plans to have at least 10 stores by the end of 2020, including a New York flagship store.

Explanation: Vibhu Norby, CEO of b8ta, io9 a statement to the definition of " Buyer Cadence" in the store monitoring with:

"Buyer cadence does not mean cadence as in voice. It means, as in rhythm / frequency, how the word is used in a business context. We never monitor, track or record what people in the shops say.

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