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Tracking parcels in Google Search gets good – Droid Life

If you're currently copying a packet tracking number and inserting it into Google Search, Google will recognize the carrier and provide you with a link to its website that displays detailed tracking information. Soon, if Google has its way, a simple Google search will give you the tracking number all without the external redirect.

Google has been asking about parcel providers via the Google Webmaster Central blog Sign up for a program that provides detailed tracking information for search.

You can see what this might look like in the picture at the top of the post, which in Google's example shows the day an item is shipped, when it is no longer available, and when it has been marked as delivered. It could also give you contact information if you have questions about your shipment.

It looks good, we only need parcel service providers to get on board. Will you? I am not sure if Fedex or UPS are an incentive to bow to Google and keep you away from their own website, where they can educate you about sending things, buying premium memberships, etc., or if they are only about smaller companies.

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