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Trainer Andy Reid’s Misty Face Shield wins the meme game as the NFL returns

The National Football League returned Thursday night as the Kansas City Chiefs faced the Houston Texans to celebrate what may be the league’s weirdest opener of the season. Because of the Coronavirus outbreakThe number of fans at Arrowhead Stadium was limited to 22 percent of the stadium’s capacity, and fans should wear masks when not eating or drinking. Coaches and other team personnel near the players bench should also wear masks, ESPN reported.

But leave head coach Andy Reid to go beyond that. Reid was wearing a chiefs hat with a face shield attached, and the shield was noticeably fogging up. Any glasses wearer who has tried getting used to a face mask during these strange times can relate to it, but Reid̵

7;s blurry stare has been featured on national television for hours.

Social media quickly filled with comments on Reid’s steaming sign. Some attacked Reid for even wearing the shield. But others felt that the goofy look was a rare ray of hope in the year without many of them.

“Andy Reid should have stopped by Autozone and got RainX,” said a Twitter user. Another tweeted, “Andy Reid’s mask was the best part of COVID-19.”

Many people envisioned conversations between Reid and his players, particularly quarterback Patrick Mahomes. “Wonder if Andy Reid is going to draw a piece on his mask?” asked a Twitter user.

Some praised Reid’s decision to go one step further in protection.

And with the Chiefs dominating the game, Kansas City winning 34-20, some wondered what the end result could have been under different circumstances. “Could you imagine what this game would be like if Andy Reid could ever see the field?” wrote a Twitter user.

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