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Trump's Corona Virus Experts: A Guide

While millions of Americans may be concerned about Donald Trump's suitability to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, he has gathered references to prepare for this moment in the past 50 years: Immobilienmogul, author, WWE Hall von Famer, Steak Pitchman, reality TV star and now politician. Indeed, its versatility is one of its defining attributes: Trump sees himself as an accomplished generalist. When asked in early 2016 who he was consulting with to prepare for the President's job, he replied, as is well known: “I speak to myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and have said a lot of things. "

To put it in technical terms for which the President would have little time, Trump has emerged as the most passionate proponent of the" G-factor "theory of general intelligence in history. So it makes sense that he tends to listen to people who share his interdisciplinary trust.

Here is a guide for some of the men ̵

1; and yes, they all seem to be men – who refuse a lack of relevant knowledge or education prevents them from to deal with the pandemic.

Peter Navarro

Who he is: Commercial Advisor to the President.

Academic certificates: Doctorate in Economics

Contribution to human understanding of the coronavirus: Brought a batch of foreign chloroquine research to a meeting of the coronavirus task force and accused Tony Fauci was furious that he hadn't taken the malaria drug. "It's science, not an anecdote," he shouted, according to Axios. (The French study, which included chloroquine as a coronavirus treatment, was flawed, including the lack of a control group and a tiny sample size. It was also somewhat clumsily excluded from the late analytical patients.) Navarro maintains the distinction Maybe to be the only official to take seriously the risk of a pandemic in January.

Coronavirus Expertise: "My qualification in terms of science is that I am a social scientist," he said to CNN. "I have a doctorate. And I understand how to do statistical studies reads, be it in medicine, law, business or whatever. ”

Rudy Giuliani

Who he is: Former Attorney General, Mayor of New York, Presidential Candidate, Trump's Personal Lawyer; current informal Trump advisor.

Academic certificates: Law studies

Contribution to human understanding of the coronavirus: Together with Navarro, the wider use of chloroquine was promoted. [19659002] Coronavirus Expertise : "One of the things that becomes a good litigator is that you become an instant expert on things and then forget about it," he said The New York Times . "I don't pretend to be a doctor. I just repeat what you said."

Richard Epstein

Who he is: Law Professor at New York University and one of the leading libertarian lawyers in the Landes.

Academic certificates: Law studies

Contribution to human understanding of the Coronavirus: Published on March 16 an article for the Hoover Institution website, in which argues the response to the disease has gone too far, according to Epstein, the spreading cases will be weaker and less fatal as more deadly strains of the virus take more casualties. (It should be noted that there is absolutely no evidence that there are stronger and weaker strains of the corona virus. "The error in his reasoning is the general lack of scientific accuracy in his analysis," said Daniel Ku Ritzkes, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, tells The New Yorker .)

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In his March 16 article, which reportedly influenced the short-lived linchpin of the White House's economy reopening by Easter, Epstein predicted 500 US deaths, a number that was exceeded a week later. He later admitted that this was a mistake and updated his estimate to 5,000. (At the time of this writing, approximately 11,000 coronavirus-related deaths were reported in the United States.) Finally, he updated his update to 50,000.

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