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Try any bitcoin sports betting with 1xBi 

The time has come for decisive matches in the championship of Spain, which goes to its finish line. Thanks to any bitcoin sports betting with 1xBit, bettors can not only view the development of events but also make good money on them.

Not only the fate of the champion title will be decided very soon, but we will also find out the names of the main losers of the competitions. Celta, which conducts an extremely unconvincing campaign, has serious chances to leave the Primera.

The team has been in the relegation zone or near it since the beginning of the season. In the meantime, its performance is critically lacking in stability. This means that the club from Vigo combines successful matches with failures. Misfires in matches with status equal rivals are especially bitter.

Bettors can use any bitcoin sports betting options with 1

xBit. It will be easy to start making predictions for games of Celta and its rivals. In this office, they have the best odds. However, despite the problems faced by the team in the current season, it should stay in the elite division for the following reasons:

  1. Direct competitors are noticeably weaker than Celta. The selection of performers in this team is better. By all accounts, it must fight for a place in the middle of the standings. However, in practice, due to the lack of stability, it has to escape from departure.
  2. Celta has fairly good beginners, many of whom have already become important elements in the tactical formations of the head coach.
  3. The team looks very solid on the field, which minimizes the number of errors the players make.

However, it will become apparent only in the next matches if the club is able to stay in the Primera, especially given that all games are held on fast schedule.

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