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Tune in at 12 p.m. PDT today for a major Disrupt 2020 Sneak Peak – TechCrunch

Are you ready to experience a disrupt event like no other? Thousands of attendees from around the world, an all-star lineup of tech icons, makers, shakers, and unicorn makers. Opportunities on every corner are just waiting to be discovered. Are we overwhelmed with what will happen in the next five days? Damn yeah

Okay, let’s switch to decaf. Our point (and we have one) is that this morning we’re going to invite you to a pre-show ̵

1; the Disrupt Sneak Peek – with Disrupt Host and Managing Editor, before our own Matthew Panzarino officially welcomes you to Disrupt 2020 tomorrow morning. Jordan Crook.

Today, Sunday September 13th, from 12pm to 12.30pm (PT), Jordan will show you how to access the various virtual platforms that we will be using throughout the show. Plus, you’ll get a glimpse into the companies competing at the Startup Battlefield, learn more about the TC10, and learn more about some of the incredible speakers we have on tap.

It’s a quick, but important, overview of what to expect in the course of Disrupt. And who knows? We might even track down a few surprise guests (spoiler alert: we will).

Join the Disrupt Sneak Peek today from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. PT, learn about the virtual platforms, and experience more than five days of sharing connection, collaboration, and education with the global early-stage startup community.

Are there last minute decision makers? You can still buy a Disrupt Pass here, but be quick because prices will go up tonight!

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