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Twenty more women sue Lyft for "inadequate" response to sexual assault

The complaint also accuses Lyft of hiding the extent of sexual assault, promoting a culture that silences the victims, and hindering police efforts to investigate cases. It does not tell women how Lyft investigates incidents, whether there were previous reports or not, or whether the company threw an offensive driver off the platform.

The women blundered Litu's recent switch to a standardized response to misconduct further claiming that this would lead to a "black-and-white" decision-making process that would limit one's ability to recognize and address behavioral patterns. The approach, according to court cases, could result in predators remaining on Lyft "up to a more serious incident".

In a statement to Engadget, Lyft did not say how or if it would challenge the lawsuit. Instead, it focused on how security was built into "every aspect of our work" and how "security features and policies" were implemented. You can read the full explanation below. The company reiterated that it is continually reviewing drivers for violations, providing emergency tools such as fast 91

1 access and a critical response line for urgent issues.

The women's attorneys alleged that Lyft, however, did not conduct a "real review" and did not properly warn them about the potential risks. They further argued that Lyft did not pay for the victims. And importantly, many of the security enhancements were made relatively recently. Whatever Lyft has been doing lately to improve safety does not remedy past shortcomings.

"No one should ever endure what these women describe, everyone deserves the ability to be safe in the world, and yet women continue to be at disproportionate risk." We recognize this risk, which is why we work tirelessly to ensure safety Integrating every aspect of our work means investing in new features and policies to protect our drivers and drivers.

"This year Almost one in five Lyft employees committed to initiatives that enhance the security of the platform increase. Over the last few months, we've introduced more than 15 new security features – including daily constant monitoring of the criminal background of all our drivers, in-app emergency assistance to facilitate driver reporting, and compulsory feedback for trips rated below four stars to ensure that we are constantly monitoring the extent of problematic driver behavior. We also teamed up with RAINN, the country's largest anti-sexual violence organization, to provide the necessary education to prevent sexual violence. Our safety work will never be done and we will continue to invest in new features, protocols and policies to ensure that Lyft is the safest method of transportation for our drivers and drivers. "

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