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Twitch annuls Trump after two weeks of suspension for “hateful behavior”

Twitch has banned President Donald Trump for two weeks after banning his account for “hateful behavior”.

Trump’s account, which was used to broadcast new and past campaign events, has been banned twice because of the President’s racist statements. Twitch noted comments at his recent rally in Tulsa, where he called criminals “Hombre”[s]”And remarks from a repeat of the 2015 event that announced his candidacy when he described Mexican immigrants as criminals and” rapists. “

The ban came days after Twitch vowed to take action against harassment when streamers began sharing stories of harassment and abuse across the industry. With Trump̵

7;s ban, Twitch seemed to indicate that no one is above the rules.

The question now is how long Trump can last on Twitch. Unfortunately, if his campaign continues to broadcast rally streams, the president is likely to make additional disruptive racist comments – banned crimes under Twitch’s guidelines that prohibit any language that promote racial, gender, and other personal characteristics.

“Like everyone else, Twitch politicians must adhere to our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines,” Twitch said earlier. “We make no exceptions to political or current content and will take action on content that is reported to us that violates our rules.”

This initial ban suggests that Twitch wants to stand out from other social networks that have given Trump leeway for racist and violent comments that would punish a typical user. Twitter has slowly started to highlight false and violent statements by the president, while Facebook has been criticized by its own employees for not doing so.

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