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Twitch Bans LeafyIsHere’s Channel After YouTube Ban

The longtime YouTuber Twitch streamer has now blocked his account from both platforms. Twitch reveals in a statement from esports insider Rod Breslau that he has permanently banned his channel.

While Leafy was once hailed as one of YouTube̵

7;s most notorious comment channels, he took a long break from the platform and made a vigorous return in 2020 to gain recognition from his fans.

However, he faced criticism and speculation after uploading multiple videos targeting the Twitch streamer ‘Pokimane’ – and he didn’t stop and threatened to keep uploading such content until YouTube gave him the go-ahead.

Shortly afterwards, YouTube did just that and prompted Leafy to find a new home on Twitch, where he apparently continued to “bait” bans with offensive language.

LeafyisHere looking at the camera.
YouTube: Leafyis here

LeafyIsHere was banned from Twitch after switching from YouTube to the platform following its previous ban.

It seems that his behavior has finally caught up with him, as Twitch has now given the streamer a permanent ban, which Rod Breslau reported on Twitter.

A statement addressed to Rod alleged that Twitch banned Leafy for “community safety” and wrote, “We reserve the right to suspend any account for conduct that violates our rules or that we consider inappropriate, deem harmful or inappropriate. ” our community at risk. “

Since the ban is permanent, it doesn’t seem like Leafy will be returning to Twitch at all – but he does seek help from the platform, claiming that he was not notified of an incoming ban, and argues that it is permanent Prohibition acts The suspension is somewhat egregious for his “first offense”.

“Wtf Bezos, just when I was starting to have fun,” he said of the situation. “Twitch Support – there is an appealing one that was my first offense, brother lmfao.”

“I thought there was going to be a warning first or something,” he continued. “I mean, it was obvious that I was pushing it but still paying attention to the terms of use.”

Fans and critics disagree on Twitch’s surprising decision, and many compare it to Leafy’s recent ban on YouTube, which he also called out of order for allegedly never receiving a warning.

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