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Twitch Legal Department Unpartners Fate After “Encouraging Violence”

Twitch announces that it will be revoking the partnership of controversial streamer Destiny following a divisive statement in a recently released stream.

While Twitch’s most recent series of bans has focused on removing creators accused of sexual abuse from its platform, it also appears to be taking a more firm stance on violent and hateful language. Twitch recently made headlines for suspending ex-YouTuber Leafy indefinitely, and now one of his own controversial figures is being cracked down on. According to streamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnell, Twitch canceled its partnership for “Encouraging Violence”

; on a recently released stream.

A recent tweet included a screenshot of Destiny claiming that Twitch’s legal department was responsible for its removal. After high profile bans like that of Dr. Dispect, social media users often claim that Twitch’s legal department is overriding the company’s partnership and banning moderators. Although Destiny claims Twitch didn’t state which statement warranted its final decision, Reddit users quickly found a clip on the LivestreamFail subreddit that could explain Twitch’s latest move.

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In the Twitch clip, Destiny condemns the ongoing protests and riots, claiming they “must stop” even if it requires violence. In particular, Destiny claimed that if white nationalists started “mowing down” protesters to stop them, he would personally approve of their actions.

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The Reddit users who saw this clip largely agreed that Destiny’s statement justified the removal of its Twitch partnership. One user even agreed that Destiny’s statements that didn’t turn potential viewers and customers away from Twitch or its parent company Amazon could potentially create legal problems for the streaming titan. While some people wondered why Twitch didn’t completely ban Destiny, others believe his statements violated its partnership agreement, but not Twitch’s Terms of Service. This is also in line with Destiny’s off-site history, considering that Twitter is permanently banned for death threats.

Although some fans complained about Twitch’s failure to punish other streamers who made similar statements, people quickly pointed out that the most compared streamer HasanAbi also makes it clear that despite regularly voicing inflammatory thoughts on the stream, he’s not an advocate of violence in real life for some reason. Reddit users therefore argue that removing it was a matter of looks rather than preference.

Regarding Destiny’s next steps after unpartnering, several fans are speculating that the streamer will take this opportunity to capitalize on their YouTube audience. Without the Twitch partnership, Destiny can now stream on YouTube and Twitch simultaneously and generate more revenue. However, Twitch viewers will have to wait and see if Destiny’s statements bring additional backlash or consequences.

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