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Twitter is testing a handy subscription feature for the following threads

Twitter has confirmed that it can prepare for the possible launch of a feature that allows you to subscribe to a conversation or thread. This allows you to keep track of posts without having to add a comment or post yourself.

The news comes at the same time as the company released a new app called Twttr, which will test new formats and themes for the Twitter main app to make the social media service more user-friendly.

The subscription feature was discovered in the last days of Jane Manchun Wong, a prominent app researcher who has discovered a number of new features that are being tested on Twitter, as well as other social media apps like Instagram. The researcher tweeted a screenshot of Twitter displaying a button labeled "Subscribe to conversation." Wong comments that the feature allows you to receive subscriptions so that you can receive alerts about a new post in the thread without liking or responding to a conversation, as you need to do right now.

Twitter later said that it is actually testing the feature as part of its work "to make Twitter more conversational," a strategy that aims to keep users on the phone longer. The company offers more ways to serve ads. while people navigate in the app.

This is just the youngest of Twitter since several years of trying to make calls on its platform more attractive. There is no telling how the latest feature will be tested and whether it will ever be introduced to the entire community. However, the company is unlikely to make a final decision during the ongoing study.

Twttr app

To simplify the App's eye-visual design and provide a more enjoyable Twitter experience for the community of some 320 million monthly users, the company recently released a new app called Twttr, which is a regular user experience Testing invites New features and feedback for the development team.

Attendees are also encouraged to share their experiences in the Twitter main app, hoping to stimulate a broader base of users, giving the company even more insight into people's views of the testing capabilities.

"Twitter is looking for new ways to make it easier to read, understand and join the conversations you care about," the company said when it launched the Twttr app.

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