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Twitter repairs labels for tweets that link COVID-19 and 5G

Twitter sets the frequency of fact-checking labels, which should only apply to tweets that connect the COVID-19 to 5G technology.

Twitter has spoken out against the spread of conspiracy theories that 5G spreads the coronavirus and has labeled tweets with potentially harmful and misleading information about COVID-19. The label says “Find out about COVID-19” and on a Twitter moment titled “No, 5G doesn’t cause corona virus.”

However, it seems that Twitter is overusing the label. Users have found that the label appears on tweets that contain the words “frequency”

; and “oxygen,” The Week reported. This is apparently due to the rebutted conspiracy theory that 5G is a dangerous frequency that “draws oxygen from the atmosphere and disrupts the normal functioning of the human body”.

The over-zealous use of the labels to check the facts did no real harm and instead produced memes from people who post tweets with the two keywords just to make the label appear. However, this affects the reputation of the feature, as it should only be applied to tweets that make false claims.

Twitter has recognized the wrong uses of the fact-checking label and has stated that it will fix the process behind the feature.

Twitter has not provided a schedule for implementing the changes. Digital Trends has been looking for more information and we will update this article as soon as we hear.

5G exposed conspiracy theories

The spread of the corona virus is just one of many conspiracy theories regarding 5G technology. It has also been claimed that 5G causes cancer and that the technology has caused the deaths of hundreds of birds in The Hague. 5G is also said to have the ability to control the weather and people’s thoughts.

All of these theories have been exposed.

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