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Twitter will ask everyone if they read an article before retweeting it

Check out a cool headline and tweet it again. Just right?

Sure it is, but if you haven’t actually read the article, you may be tweeting nonsense or, worse, completely incorrect information.

To counter this, Twitter tested a new feature in June and asked users if they had actually read an article before tweeting it again. Now the company is happy with the test results and will soon roll out the feature worldwide.

During the trial period, Twitter found that articles were opened 40 percent more often after the prompt was displayed. This resulted in more informed retweeting, with 33 percent more people actually opening the articles before retweeting again. Twitter advises that in some cases the article has been read and retweeted, which is probably a good sign.

However, Twitter will make a change to the feature before it becomes widespread. Once a user sees the prompt, it will get a little smaller the next time it comes up.

The change comes more than two years after MIT research showed users were far more likely to retweet fake messages than real messages.

Twitter recently stepped up its efforts to fight fake news and improve the quality of content on the platform, including flagging some misleading tweets from Donald Trump and tightening its rules on COVID-19 content. In August, Twitter also added the ability to limit the number of tweet replies.

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