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Twitter's Hide Answer Tool lets you publicly ignore commenters

Twitter users can now hide answers without completely removing them from the platform. After Twitter tested the tool earlier this year, it announced (of course, by tweet) that users can now hide answers. The option will be introduced after previous testing in the US, Japan and Canada on Thursday, November 21st.

The Answer Hiding Tool is designed to get some answers out of the limelight without completely erasing them. As networks offer more options for users to control content, critics call for censorship. The hidden answers are no longer directly below the tweet, but can be displayed in a separate area where such answers are stored when users actually seek to search for them.

To hide an answer on your own tweet, click the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the answer. In the popup, select Hide Answer . A second popup will ask if you want to block this user as well. Answers can also be hidden at any time using the same arrow icon.

Once a tweet has hidden answers, an icon will appear in the lower right corner of the tweet. Users, not just the owner of the original tweet, can click the icon to view hidden tweets. While this means that these answers are still accessible, hidden answers are less frontal and centered. According to Twitter, users are not notified when answers are hidden.

In tests, Twitter stated that most of the hidden responses were irrelevant, abusive, or unclear. The update provides another way for users to control responses without blocking a user for all interactions or muting a user. This will only prevent you (and not other users) from seeing this answer. Reporting a response is another option. However, the answer will only be deleted if the Twitter Terms have been violated.

While the tool does not automatically hide all responses from a user who is constantly spamming or bothering you, you can do this one-by-one with the update. Users can still respond to a hidden response, but the original response will not appear in the newsfeed. Instead, the second answer appears under an indication that the tweet is unavailable.

The new hidden answers tool will be launched Thursday.

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