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Two temporary test sites for mobile coronaviruses have been set up in Sunderland

Mobile coronavirus test sites have been set up at two locations in Sunderland.

The device is located in Brinkburn Crescent, Houghton-le-Spring, for anyone who needs a test by September 22nd, with testing between 10am and 3pm.

The tests will take place at Sunderland Azure Court in Doxford Park between 11am and 3pm until September 20th.

Health bosses are reminding people that they should only book a test if they have coronavirus symptoms or have been asked to get tested.

It is because Sunderland residents have been warned that a local lockdown is “very close” after a surge in cases.

There were 244 new positive cases in the seven days ending Tuesday, September 8th.

This corresponds to around 75 cases per 1

00,000 inhabitants – three times the national rate.

On Thursday, the city had the second highest infection rate in England.

A total of 61 people who have been linked to a charity soccer game at the Burnside Working Men’s Club tested positive for the virus Fence houses.

Everyone who attended the event on Sunday, August 30th, was asked to self-isolate until midnight on September 13th – 14 days from the date of the event.

Now the city has been placed on Public Health England’s watchlist to “get increased support” in the fight against the city Covid19.

Sunderland City Council Chairman, Councilor Graeme Miller and Chairman of the Sunderland Outbreak Control Board, said: “We applaud the Secretary of State’s decision to make Sunderland an area of ​​’Enhanced Assistance’.

“Right now it’s about supporting Sunderland, not restrictions.

“However, we are very close to a local lockdown if the number of cases is not reduced quickly and drastically.

“The virus is spreading in Sunderland and we have to work together to stop it.

“It’s very simple: the current situation is extremely serious and if more people don’t take on more responsibility and act more sensibly, we will find ourselves in a lockdown again. This is our last chance.”

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