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Twttr is (very subtly) better than Twitter

Twitter has created its beta test app called twttr, which sounds as mysterious as accessing some top-secret prototype version of Twitter (or at least what I imagined) Get access. In fact, it's almost disappointingly similar to the simple Vanilla Twitter – but I know there are only a few changes.

When I downloaded the Twttr beta, I was not sure what to expect. I was preparing for a strange face, something that was fundamentally different from the usual Twitter. I was really not worried. I do not know if Twitter has a horror of showing something that also differs from the public in or if it's just on a very tight leash. In any case, it took a while to see a difference between the two apps.

The most obvious change that is most appreciated is the threaded answers. As you scroll down from the main tweet, the answers and answers to the answers are displayed in a reddit-style indentation system. While this leaves some negative space in the UI, it makes it easier to follow individual response chains. For the moment you have to hope that your eyes are not too tired to see the small vertical line on the left, which indicates an answer to a response. You really do not know how chaotic the current system is until you see this better version.

The victim of this tidy system is that you can no longer see the likes / retweet numbers in the answers, unless you tap on them. To be honest, I do not pay attention to the numbers of a different tweet than the original one. However, if you are interested in such things, this is a disappointment.

In addition, the changes do not seem to be mandatory. Like Reddit the OG's answers are marked with a small sign saying "Original Tweeter". In addition, responses from people you follow will be color coded, probably to distinguish them from the mob. That's fine, I suppose, but feels unnecessary, as Twitter prioritizes the answers of the original tweeter and the people I follow.

It's not a big change from Twitter, which we're used to, to be honest. I wish I could play with some of the more interesting things Twitter has in the works, such as: For example, call subscriptions and a completely new camera she launched on SXSW. I hope something more exciting will justify the place of this simple blue box in my valuable phone real estate.

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