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Uber backup driver charged in fatal car accident in 2018

The security driver, who was behind the wheel when one of Uber’s self-driving cars hit and killed a pedestrian in 2018, has been charged with negligent murder New York Times Reports. Rafaela Vasquez, who, according to investigators, saw an episode of The voice did not plead guilty at the time of the crash.

The accident that occurred on March 18, 2018 and which resulted in the death of Elaine Herzberg is believed to be the first fatal collision with a self-driving car. Investigators said the car saw Herzberg but did not automatically stop, and Vasquez did not brake until it was too late. The case has raised important questions about how the new technology can be safely tested and who should be held responsible if something goes wrong.

In March 201

9, an Arizona prosecutor ruled that Uber would not be prosecuted for the crash. However, a review by the National Transportation Safety Board later this year revealed a number of safety issues in the company. It stated that it had “inadequate security risk assessment procedures,” “ineffective” monitoring of backup drivers, and a failure to address the “complacency of automation” of its security drivers, which had to intervene at any time to resolve issues.

The same review also labeled Arizona’s guidelines for regulating self-driving vehicles on public roads as “inadequate” and suggested that Herzberg may have crossed the street outside the crosswalk.

Uber temporarily suspended its self-driving tests immediately after the accident, and when they resumed in Pittsburgh later that year they did so with much stricter safety guidelines, including two safety drivers in each vehicle. Uber then rolled out these new tests to other cities, including Dallas and San Francisco.

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