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Uber Eats for Business is launched worldwide in a fast-paced remote work environment

Uber officially starts delivering Uber Eats to businesses today, 17 months after the first launch of a pilot version of the service in the United States. The company said it was now “quickly tracking” the global launch based on the number of businesses used by customers. Uber Eats rose sharply in March, due in part to enforcement of homework policies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is an important start for Uber as the demand for hail services decreased as part of home protection measures that started in the United States in mid-March. Over the past few days, Uber has encouraged its drivers to look for jobs in other business areas, including Uber Freight, the on-demand recruiting platform Uber Works, and Uber Eats. Although online food delivery services were reportedly affected by COVID-1

9, Uber stated that Uber for business customers using Uber Eats grew 28% between February and March.

And while many employees work from home during COVID In the crisis, key frontline employees are still working locally in banks, hospitals and elsewhere. These people may have limited access to food sources, another reason why Uber Eats has seen a surge in demand over the past month.


Uber has long attempted to diversify its business beyond its core consumer service. Uber for Business was launched in 2014 to make it easier for employees to bill for work-related trips to their company, and UberFresh – later renamed UberEats – which uses its transport network to prepare people in the restaurant Meals to deliver homes. Therefore, a special Uber Eats for Business product made perfect sense when it was launched in November 2018.

As of today, Uber Eats is launching its “pilot program” for companies in the US and will be available in the UK. Canada, France and Brazil. The company plans to expand the service to more than 20 markets by 2020.

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Uber Eats for Business is slightly different from the consumer-oriented incarnation. It is aimed at travelers who want to order food to their hotel or Airbnb during a business trip, at people who stay in the office for a long time, or at employees at this large lunch meeting. Using a special dashboard, company administrators can set parameters for the allowances per meal, the location and the time of day at which meals can be ordered. For example, you can choose to order meals after 6 p.m. On weekdays, they can place geofence orders so that they are only carried out when an employee is in the office.

Employees can use the standard Uber Eats app and simply switch to their work profile when ordering.

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The global launch also brings a handful of new features, including the ability to pay with a single corporate credit card instead of getting everything back in the May corporate account.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Uber tried to reduce its losses in search of profitability. Uber Eats is the company's fastest growing company, even if the unit loses money. Sales increased by 73% last year. It is clear that Uber sees the current rise in home work as an opportunity not only to get its drivers to make money, but also to gain a foothold in corporate meals.

"We took this step to respond to an increase in business interest. We want to support employees who work from home or have limited food options on the street or in the field," said Ronnie Gurion, worldwide Head of Uber for Business. "This expansion not only supports employee productivity and social distance, but is also intended to help expand the supply market for restaurants that work with Uber Eats and ensure they have access to higher volume reorders."

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