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Uber plans to require its drivers and passengers in the U.S. to wear facewear

Uber plans to introduce a new directive in the coming weeks, requiring drivers and drivers in the U.S. and certain other countries to wear face masks or covers, a company spokesman confirmed on Sunday. As first reported by CNN business, The hail shipping company is also developing technologies to determine whether its drivers are wearing facewear before taking passenger rides.

In a statement emailed to The edgeThe spokesman said Uber is shipping safety accessories to its drivers who offer “important trips” and encouraging drivers to stay at home if they can.

“When the countries reopen, Uber focuses on security and is careful,”

; said the spokesman. “Our teams are preparing for the next phase of recovery, in which we will all play a role. We will notify users directly of updates when they are ready. In the meantime, however, we continue to urge all drivers and drivers to wear masks or facewear when using Uber. “

Uber already requires drivers to occasionally take selfies as part of the real-time ID verification feature introduced in 2016. The selfie photo is compared to the company’s data to make sure they match.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, widespread home stay orders have hit the Uber segment hard. Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, told investors when calling in March that gross bookings in most major cities where the company operates have decreased by up to 70 percent. An upward trend in Uber Eats’ food mail order business has not made up for the losses on the hail side.

The information At the end of last month, Uber was reported to consider layoffs of up to 20 percent of its employees, but the company has not commented on whether layoffs are imminent.

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