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Uber soon lets you "favorite" driver (at least in California)

It's not very common for you to receive the same Uber driver twice, but the company could soon simplify that. In California, in the Uber app, you can choose a driver as a "favorite" after rating it five stars. This feature was first tested in the UK earlier this year, but appears to be available in other regions as well.

The function seems to serve as a kind of bookmark for now. However, Uber says, "In early 2020, drivers can request their favorite riders if they are planning a trip in advance." Favorite riders get first dibs for scheduled rides, potentially giving them a regular customer. But the drivers need not worry that they get stuck with a terrible driver. If you give them a 1

-star rating, Uber will no longer compete with you.

If you prefer drivers, you can travel with someone you already know and trust when planning an important trip.

Maybe you had some funny conversations, maybe you like the driver does not speak or maybe you just like the driver's car. In any case, it is a welcome feature that gives both riders and drivers a little more flexibility and helps to make Uber more personal.

Uber makes some other changes to help the drivers. Firstly, drivers can finally see where their passengers are going, how long the journey will take and how much they can expect. It is noteworthy that such information took so long.

No idea if or when you can favor riders in other regions, but we contacted Uber and will update this post when we hear something.

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