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Ubisoft announces “E3 Showcase” for July 12th

Ubisoft announced today that a digital event will take place on July 12: Ubisoft Forward. The publisher calls the show a “showcase in E3 style”.

The actual E3 will be canceled this year. This event will air about a month later than Ubisoft would normally show its E3 show. The stream will contain “exclusive game news, exciting revelations and more”. Since there is no E3 this summer, it is up to individual publishers and other parties such as Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest to close the gap through digital events.

Ubisoft has several top-class games under development, including the recently announced Assassins Creed: Valhalla and other titles like Watch Dogs: Legion and Tom Clancy̵

7;s Rainbow Six: Quarantine. And then there are projects of which we haven’t heard any details for a while, such as Skull & Bones with pirate motifs, Gods & Monsters and Beyond Good and Evil 2.

We could hear about each of these games and more during the show. And although Ubisoft promises “exciting revelations,” it doesn’t necessarily mean new games will be announced, though it can. With so much already in the pipeline, Ubisoft may want to focus on bringing out some of these games.

Although I’m as sure as death and taxes that we’ll see a new just dance.

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