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Ubisoft CEO Apologizes to “Everyone Injured by Company Misconduct”

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Ahead of Ubisoft’s second summer showcase later today, the global video game publisher released a short video in which CEO Yves Guillemot apologized to those injured by “certain Ubisoft employees” who “have failed to uphold the values ​​of our company” .

“I’m really sorry for everyone who was injured,” said Guillemot. “We have taken important steps to remove or sanction those who violate our values ​​and Code of Conduct, and we are working to improve our systems and processes.”

Ubisoft’s CEO announced that the company will invest an additional $ 1 million in the company over the next five years Educational program create more opportunities for “under-represented groups”; In the video, Guillemot specifically mentions women and people with color. That being said, Guillemot didn’t go into many of the details of who was laid off, why, or what Ubisoft’s third-party investigations and audits over the past two months have uncovered into systemic issues across the company.

The update came after a wave of allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment and toxicity in the workplace directed against Ubisoft and posted on social media earlier this summer. Several additional reports on company issues followed French and English speaking News agencies, including Kotakurevealing problems that seemed to extend well beyond a few people.

In July, Ubisoft announced its resignation after the first wave of allegations and reports its chief creative officer, who is responsible for overseeing game developmentas well as other key figures within the company, followed by promises to do better, including changes to HR practices and the internal code of conduct. That announcement came the day before Ubisoft’s first “Forward” gaming showcase of the summer on July 12th, however was not addressed at all during the actual event.

Ubisoft didn’t respond to a request for comment when asked if it would address the issues of misconduct directly during today’s digital presentation.

“We are at the beginning of a long journey, real change will take time,” said Guillemot. “But I am determined to do everything in my power to ensure that everyone at Ubisoft feels welcome, respected and safe.”

Update – 1:16 p.m. ET, 9/10/20: According to the company’s Twitter account, Guillemot’s remarks will not be included in today’s Ubisoft Forward Livestream Main Event “due to timing reasons”. It’s unclear what these time constraints might look like as Ubisoft controls how long the event runs and what’s in it.

Instead of officially making it part of the showcase that the first was collected from over 1 million viewers earlier this summer, Wrote Ubisoft in a tweet that it will instead See the CEO’s apology for the video-on-demand version the show that is made available after the end of the event.

Here’s what is going on at Ubisoft:

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