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Unexpected Workaround Addresses widespread auto music issue for Android

The introduction of Android 11 is both good and bad news for Android Auto users as the new OS version also includes a number of bugs for the behind-the-wheel experience.

And one of the most common glitches is a bug that causes music to skip during playback, regardless of the application that is streaming audio on Android Auto.

And while Google has been completely overwhelmed in this case, someone has come across a rather unexpected solution online. Here’s everything we know so far.

Primarily, similar issues have been around for a while, but after updating to Android 11, they have become more prevalent when running Android Auto on a USB cable. Most users have started to complain that the new OS version triggered the bug in their case, and downgrading to Android 1

0 is said to have things back to normal.

Then it looks like Google Pixel 4a is very often the device that suffers from the music clipping problem. Android 11 is currently only available on select phone models, and the entire Google Pixel series is among the devices already supported.

The error occurs regardless of the app that is used to listen to music including Spotify, YouTube Music, and Deezer. All of them are affected by the music skip error only after updating to Android 11.

And now the workaround. While you wouldn’t otherwise believe that location services have anything to do with the in-car music experience, all you need to do is turn off location tracking on the device to get things back to normal.

The update was posted on reddit a few hours ago by a Google Pixel 4a owner, and several others have already confirmed that the music skipping issue after disabling location services is fixed.

The obvious downside here is that disabling location services on an Android device isn’t exactly the most convenient workaround for Android Auto, especially as it makes navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze pretty useless as they are no longer able to To determine your location.

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