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Unity Launches Its Cloud Content Delivery Service For Game Developers – TechCrunch

Unity, the company behind the popular real-time 3D engine, officially launched its cloud content delivery service today. This new, engine independent service combines a content delivery network and a backend-as-a-service platform to help developers distribute and update their games. The idea here is to offer unity Developers – and those using other game engines – offer a live game service option that allows them to deliver the right content to their players at the right time.

As noted by Unity’s Felix The, most game developers currently use a standard CDN provider. However, this means that they will also need to develop their own last mile delivery service to make their installation and update process more dynamic and configurable. As most players can confirm, the developers simply choose to send the game out as a large binary file and each time it is updated, the user will have to download that massive file again.

“That can mean taking over your new game or other content is lagging behind, as you have to rely on people to make the necessary updates,”

; The said.

While the Cloud Delivery Service can be used across platforms, the team is currently mainly focused on mobile devices. “We’re big fans of focusing on one segment at the beginning and then we can decide how we want to expand. There is a huge need in the mobile space right now – more than the others, ”said The. To take this into account, developers can use the Cloud Content Delivery service to specify, for example, which binary file to send to which device.

Having a CDN is one thing, but this last mile delivery, as The calls it, is where Unity believes it can solve a real pain point for developers.

“CDNs, you get content. Period, ”said he. “But in this case, if you’re a game developer and want to test a build – is this QA ready? Is this still being checked? The build you want to assign to download from our cloud content delivery is different. You want to gently launch new downloadable content for Canada before releasing it in the US? You would use our system to configure that. It is specially designed for video games. “

The team decided to keep the pricing simple. All developers pay for the exit price plus a very small storage fee. There are also no regional pricing and the first 50 GB of bandwidth usage is free. Unity charges $ 0.08 per GB for the next 50 TB. Those using more than 50TB ($ 0.06 / GB) and 500TB ($ 0.03) will be charged additional tier pricing.

“Our intention is for people to look at it and not worry about what that means. I need a price calculator. I have to simulate what this will cost me, but I really just have to focus on the fact that they have to create great content, ”explained The.

It should be emphasized that the delivery service is engine-independent. Unity obviously wants you to use it on games written using the Unity engine, but this is not a requirement. That argues that this is part of the overall philosophy of the company.

“Our mission has always been to democratize development and ensure that people – regardless of their choices – have access to success,” he said. “And when it comes to running your game, the decision on which gaming engine to use is usually made before your game’s running ever comes into play. […] Developer success is at the heart of what we want to focus on. “

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