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Updated Moto Razr discovered in the photo, comes with 5G

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We were not afraid to share our thoughts about the resurrected Motorola RAZR. It’s not a good thing, especially given its ridiculous starting price of $ 1,500. However, Motorola has not yet given up on this rebirth. An updated and refined version will appear apparently this year. Thanks to @evleaksWe get a first look at the device with its most important new function.

The picture below shows us exactly what to expect when the device is closed, half open and fully open. When closed, the cover display looks a bit larger, but the entire hinge system that can be used to open and close the device looks largely unchanged from the outside. It is not yet clear whether Motorola has improved the system internally. At least we hope Motorola uses better material for the display, possibly something that doesn̵

7;t wrinkle as easily.

The most important highlight that we can expressly refer to is a logo on the top right of the phone. It’s a 5G logo, which means that this thing should be able to connect to 5G networks, probably Verizons, if the carrier maintains its exclusivity.

Motorola has to do a lot to convince us that this phone is worth a second try.

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