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US VCs look to European startups – TechCrunch

Hello and welcome to Startups Weekly, a weekend newsletter dedicated to the week's remarkable startups and venture capital news. Before turning to today's topic, let's catch up a little. Last week I wrote about Chinese investor activity in Africa. Before, I noted the problems of Airbnb.

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Europe's Attraction

This week I want to talk about Europe, not just because I'm preparing for the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin annual TechCrunch conference in Europe. But with a new trend, we see that the overseas US venture capital fund strike is taking place more than ever.

Forbes has written this week, along with the release of their annual European Midas, contributing to this trend list listing the best VCs on the continent. More and more top funds, including Sequoia and Benchmark, are issuing checks to companies in London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Stockholm and other countries.

Sequoia, for example, financed a teenager this year in Dublin, Ireland. Evervault uses an API to create a developer privacy solution that integrates data protection right from the start into the app. We hear that a number of other top companies are also sending partners across the seas or thinking about such steps. Why? To search for companies to add to their global portfolios (in a region where they may also see a nice discount). As we prepare for a new year, this is one of several VC trends I will keep in mind.

Workplace Toxicity

If you have not signed up for Twitter this week, you may have missed The Verges Toxicity Assessment at Away, a unicorn travel company known for its lightweight, compact suitcases Disclosure: I have a travel bag). Read this story first and then read Winnie, co-founder and CEO Sara Mauskopf this week, "The Inevitable Abolition of the Female Executive", in which she asks why we celebrate women-based companies until they rise too far , Here's a passage:

Aggressive. Stumpf. Angry. These words were used to criticize the behavior of female CEOs of well-known companies such as Thinx, Cleo, Rent the Runway, and ThirdLove, to name but a few. Away is the youngest female-owned company that came under fire on Thursday in an article in The Verge.

Let me first be clear: A toxic working culture is never acceptable . Regardless of who founded a business or the stress of the business, it is never okay to abuse employees. Some of the things that came to light in these plays are particularly abhorrent: sexual harassment, lying about personal data, creating an insecure space for under-represented groups, overworking employees. These are dynamics that need to be emphasized and eliminated in all companies, whether women or men. The away example is no exception.

Top VC Deals of the Week:

Also read my profile of VSCO, the photo sharing and editing app that you may never have heard of. That is, until the meme madness of the VSCO girl in 2019.

Disrupt Berlin

It's hard to believe that it's that time again, but Disrupt Berlin is this week! I am in Berlin this week to meet the best VCs in Europe and some of the region's most promising founders. If you are here too, you have to say hello. Here are some things to look forward to at the event:


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