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Valorant shows Sage, a support hero

Riot Games has released some specific details about one of the heroes coming to his team-based shooter Valorant.

Sage is a healer who can revive dead allies. It can also launch a ball that creates a slow field when it hits the ground. Anyone caught in the field is slowed down, unable to jump and making more noise when trying to move. She has another bullet that can heal, and Sage can also conjure up a solid wall that can help protect her team. If your frame of reference is Overwatch, it has a bit of Mercy, Moira and Mei in it.

Valorant is coming out for the PC this summer. The free game is an important release for Riot, who has been a one-game studio for years and focuses on League of Legends. Not that it recently launched Runeterra digital card game, and the studio is also working on a fighting game.

Valorant is a team-based shooter. It seems for Counter-Strike to do what Overwatch did for Team Fortress 2, and add some MOBA influences on the character's abilities. And in such games, support heroes like Sage that can heal and revive teammates are often the most important characters you can have on your team.

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