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Verizon will be selling a 5G phone for under $ 400 this year


Prices for 5G phones at Verizon will hit $ 400 this year.

Angela Lang / CNET

The prices of 5G phones have dropped significantly since the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Plus last year. This device was the first phone in the US to have built-in 5G, but it cost $ 1,300 when it was released in May 2019. Newer smartphones, including this week’s new line of iPhones, have fallen well below that price.

After CNET announced in January that it was planning to Start a 5G phone for under $ 600 Later that year, Ronan Dunne, executive vice president and CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, plans a 5G phone that will cost less than $ 400 in 2020.

“We already have more than 25 millimeter-wave-enabled devices available to Verizon’s customers and started the year at a cost of a thousand dollars,” Dunne told CNET’s The daily fee Podcast. “We broke $ 800, then we broke $ 600, now we broke $ 500. And I guess before the year is out we’ll break below $ 400.”

Look at that:

With the iPhone 12, Verizon Wireless CEO is teasing a better …


“Actually, it’s 5G for everyone and we’re very excited about our ability to do that through our leadership within the ecosystem. Check out this section for more innovations in terms of price and accessibility.”

Dunne did not provide any further details, e.g. B. who makes the device or when exactly it would arrive instead of teasing “to watch this room”.

All of Verizon’s 2020 5G devices have supported the millimeter wave network, which is now available in parts of 55 cities as well as the United States new nationwide low-band 5G network covering 200 million people. While competitors T-Mobile and AT&T were able to bring phones to market at lower prices, Verizon’s need for millimeter waves has at times led the wireless operator to release custom versions of phones with additional millimeter wave antennas.

These phones, which Verizon labels with a UW suffix, sometimes have a premium price. For example, Google’s Pixel 4A 5G costs $ 600 for the Verizon variant or $ 101 more than Google billed for the device that AT&T and T-Mobile will sell, without a millimeter wave.

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