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Virtual desktops will be available on Chrome OS soon

Chrome OS was generally considered a "lightweight" operating system targeted at students and users who do not need much of their computer, aside from productivity work and surfing the Web. But if you love Chrome OS and do not want it to get more robust features, you're in luck.

The 9to5Google people have recently managed to try a new feature that Chrome OS on the form provides for a virtual desktop. For those who are unfamiliar, virtual desktops are basically divided desktops where you can leave certain apps open and group them according to your needs. For example, one desktop could be used for work, the other for personal, for videos, and so on.

This is a feature that other operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, and newer versions of Windows have to see to finally make the feature work for Chrome OS arrives. Android Police discovered in 201

8 that the feature was in progress, and now it looks like an early version of it is available as a preview.

As far as we know, virtual desktops will work on Chrome OS the same way as other operating systems. So, if you're already familiar with the feature, this should not be the steep learning curve. When exactly it will be published for everyone is still unclear.

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