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Virtual healthcare provider Medefer is raising £ 10m to digitize outpatient travel – TechCrunch

Medefer, the UK-based virtual healthcare provider who, in its own words, is “redefining” the ambulatory system, has announced new funding of £ 10 million.

The round was chaired by private investment firm Nickleby Capital and will be used to grow the team and invest in technology to “maintain new contracts, enable new product development and ensure scalable and robust growth”.

Medefer was born in 2013 by NHS advisor Dr. Bahman Nedjat-Shokouhi and established the following year. The company is a CQC regulated healthcare provider that has developed a digital platform that connects general practitioners, counselors and patients to deliver a more efficient outpatient system.

Medefer is described as an “ambulatory operating system” coupled with a nationwide network of contracted NHS counselors who work remotely. It claims to manage the patient journey ̵

1; from referral to triage, to exam, diagnosis, and discharge – without the need for unnecessary physical outpatient appointments.

Key features include cases that NHS counselors review within 10 hours on average, compared to several weeks with traditional models. For NHS trusts and CCGs using Medefer, the company claims it will cut outpatient costs by a third and reduce waiting lists by 70%, partly because it can eliminate duplication in consultations, e.g. B. If an advisor is only informed about it. First, a test or scan is required.

This is probably an over-simplification, but anyone who has gone through the outpatient referral journey will know that there are often inefficiencies simply due to sub-optimal information sharing and inflexible patient travel.

“The outpatient model has not changed since the NHS began and has significant inefficiencies,” says Nedjat-Shokouhi. “As the number of patients increased, the inefficiencies have led to growing waiting lists, and this has of course been made significantly worse by the pandemic.”

This has resulted in many healthcare providers going “digital” and implementing video consultations instead of face-to-face consultations. Paradoxically, however, this can exacerbate inefficiencies “as some of the patients who have a video consultation also need to be physically screened for examination, which doubles the workload”.

To remedy this and achieve further efficiency and better patient care, Medefer has reviewed every step along the patient journey and found a better way of working.

“Our digital platform eliminates inefficiencies and duplication, resulting in a significantly streamlined and faster path,” says Nedjat-Shokouhi. “We also enable NHS counselors to work on their own time. This provides the NHS with additional clinical capacity that would otherwise not have been used. “

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