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Vivo V20 will be launched in India later this year

The Covid 19 crisis has triggered product update cycles worldwide. Now that the companies are slowly starting to resume operations, a Vivo spokesman has been registered to talk about the next big start.

In an interview with The mobile Indian, Nipun Marya, Marketing Director of Vivo India, spoke about the Vivo V20 and confirmed that it will be launched in India later this year. It will be the successor to the Vivo V19, which is currently at the top of the Vivo lineup in India.

He also goes into other product categories in the interview. When asked about accessories such as real wireless earbuds, he replied: “In the near future, we will launch accessories that will complement our mobile ecosystem. We will launch the accessories that we believe are closely related to our smartphones. If we are able to offer the same experience as our smartphones, we will only be able to launch mobile accessories in the country. “This means that there will be no hot categories received blindly.

He also confirmed that Vivo India is committed to investing 7,500 rupees in production facilities in India as part of the Make in India campaign. Other key issues included a new monthly update cycle that will be made available to users shortly.

Vivo updates its V-series twice a year in India since the V1

7 came out at the end of last year and the V19 recently came on the market. If you extrapolate that, it is no surprise that the V20 is expected again this year. The start schedule could have been postponed due to the current crisis.

It should be noted that Nipun does not specifically mention the Vivo V20. In the past, Vivo has always avoided even numbers with its V-series. With this logic, we are more likely to see a Vivo V21 instead in the second half of the year.

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